BuzzFeed Names The Edge Pan A "Best Gift Ever"

BuzzFeed does it again. The Edge Pan is listed in

45 Gifts To Give This Holiday If You *Still* Don't Even Know Where To Start

as in "OMG you got me the best gift ever".

BuzzFeed highlights a feature of the pan that is not often talked about: how easy it is to serve up the brownies without them falling apart.

The Edge Pan has a zig-zag pattern for one continuous brownie and it comes with a spatula that fits perfectly in the pan.

Want a brownie?

One easy cut with the spatula and - whoosh! - a brownie slice comes out, easily, in one piece.

It's not only a delight to make brownies, bake brownie, and eat brownies from the edge pan, it's fun to plate them too. Or, heck, eat them right out of the pan.

Three cheers for the premium nonstick coating, the design of the pan, and for the mention. Thanks, BuzzFeed!

You can read the BuzzFeed article here.



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