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Baker's Edge

Baker's Edge Spat Pack

Baker's Edge Spat Pack

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A set of two custom-made nylon spatulas that are non-toxic, food grade, high-heat resistant, 100% dishwasher safe, and non-stick

- Designed to be used with either your beloved Baker's Edge Brownie and Lasagna pans, or with any of your favorite pans and pots. 

- Custom-made nylon spatulas will not scratch, chip, or damage your nonstick, enamel-coated, or glass pots and pans.

- High-heat resistant up to 500°F

Stain and odor resistant.

- 100% dishwasher safe. making them super easy to clean and use.

- Cut picture-perfect pieces every time


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Need More Spatulas? You got it!

Dog eat your spatula?
Kids run off with it?
Leave it at a potluck?

Every edge pan we make comes with a spatula, but if you need another one, here's two!