Mashed Names The Edge Pan One of the Best Kitchen Tools On Shark Tank

We love that Mashed considers the edge pan not just a pan, but a tool. The edge pan not just bakes, it makes all edges for brownie lovers everywhere.

And not just edges, perfectly caramelized edges.

"The corner brownies are often the best brownies in the batch (via Spoon University). They provide the best of both worlds: Crispy edges with a soft, gooey interior. But alas, there are only four such pieces in any pan of brownies. Correction: There were only four until the Baker's Edge pan came along."

Thank you to Mashed for naming the Edge Pan one of the best kitchen tools they've seen on Shark Tank.

Mashed reaches more than 25 million monthly readers worldwide and they are "dedicated to folks who find the joy in eating as much as those who find the joy in cooking". 

That's a lot of joy. A lot of baking. And, with an edge pan, a lot of brownies.


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