Taste of Home Discovers Baker's Edge Browning Pan via Viral TikTok and Gives Glowing Review!

"We Tried the All-Edge Brownie Pan That Went Viral on TikTok"

...says Taste of Home in this article.

"We’re happy to confirm it’s one of our favorite tools for baking brownies and bars."

Taste of Home tested the pan multiple times with box mixes and even Grandma's recipe and explained how they got the brownies out of the pan easily - and happily!

From thoughtfully choosing their favorite customer reviews of the Edge Pan to discussing how they tested it, Taste of Home dug in to the pan, the fan experience, and the brownie themselves!

We really appreciate the shout-out, Taste of Home. From our kitchen to yours, thank you!


Take of Home is popular among home cooks because of their easy-to-follow recipes. They reach over 40 million people in the United States with recipes, cooking tips, and inspiration for creating delicious meals.

You can read their review of the Baker's Edge edge pan here.


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