• The Edge Brownie Pan

    Perfectly cripsy-chewy edges, every time. This pan is adored by raving fans for good reason. (P.S. You'll use it for more than just brownies.)

  • The Edge Brownie Pan Complete Set

    Get the pan that has been sweeping the nation for almost 20 years PLUS the lid AND the wedge - transforming the pan into an 8x8 size!

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  • The Better Muffin Pan

    Do you need another muffin pan? No! You need a Better Muffin Pan. The most common feedback we get after they bake something in this pan is: "I'm getting rid of all my other muffin pans for good!"

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  • Lid & Wedge Booster Pack

    Did you get an Edge Brownie Pan and now you wish you had a lid (so you can bring it with you) and wedge (so you can make it an 8x8 pan size)? Now you can!

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  • Spat Pack

    Extra spatulas! Did you lose your spatula? Dog ate it? Don't use metal in the pans! We made a spat pack with 2 in it so you have extra extra spats for easy edge serving.

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